Welcome to my slice of the internet.

I'm a unicorn designer who builds.

I believe the level of detail put into a product's design is a direct reflection of the level of care behind it. Quality can only come from caring about the problem you're solving.

I'm a fan of mechanical watches, baseball, music, writing, fitness, and most importantly design. All of these elements have made their way into my work.

This site is a continuous effort to create products, stories, companies, glyphs, concepts, suggestions, and more.

None of the text on this site was ideated, written, revised, or in any way shaped with or by AI. That's not a slight at the future of it's place in our landscape. It's merely the recognition that many of the words you read now have been aided by the computed consolidation of previous human ideas. AI will continue to shape the way humans create, modify, and reshape their ideas.

I'll let you know which portions of this site are aided in some way by AI, as I begin to incorporate it into my creative process. For now, this site remains human-created.